Yes, I'm going there. Whilst the majority of my clients are females, crystals are for men too either as gifts from a loved one or friend in their life or just to treat themselves.

Crystals are for men too!

How do crystals work for men?

Generally, crystals work in the same way for men as they do upon women. As men tend to have more masculine rather than feminine energy, we need to think about ways to bolster those masculine energies without grounding or drawing their energy down too much. 

Here's a few suggestions of crystals that would be good for men to use and how they can use them.

Rose quartz isn't the best

Rose quartz doesn't work too well for men.  The heart chakra is also associated with green, so you'd be much better to use malachite, which as well as opening up the heart is also good for breaking down negative behaviours and helping with focus.

Plenty of grounding

As I said earlier, men need tend to need lots of grounding and lower chakra crystals.  Crystals, such as tiger's eye which is great for grounding, but also brings courage and strength is great for men. Alternatives could be black tourmaline, haematite or a red jasper.

For the techies and gamers

For techies and gamers definitely bring in some shunguite to put around the tech areas, you can even stick a shungite disc on the back of phones to absorb some of those nasty EMFs that come out of electrical equipment. If you struggle to find shungite then try selenite or even a Himalayan salt lamp.

Labradorite instead of moonstone

Use labradorite instead of moonstone, it brings in inner magic strengths protection and perseverance. Its association with the third eye and crown chakra helps balance some of that strong, masculine grounding energy.

Other ideas

Carnelian is another good crystal for men. Whilst it's good for stomach issues, it's also good for bringing a burst of energy and is more grounding than something like citrine.

Amethyst still great for men, as is clear quartz so a starter set for men could include amethyst, clear quartz and haematite.

How men can use and wear crystals

Well, they've got more pockets than us women! Tumble stones, especially thumb stones, that they can fiddle with in a pocket is a really good place to start.

I make all my bracelets to size to ensure they are a great fit for the owner.

Interchangeable necklaces come with a range of crystals to swap around depending on their mood and bullet pendants are also another good alternative for men. I supply fine silver chains with my pendants and necklaces, but these can easily be swapped out for faux leather, either with a clasp or a sliding knot.

Finally, a key ring is something that can be kept in a pocket, clipped to a belt or backpack.

If you are still not sure what crystals would suit the man you are buying for, why not book them their own crystal consultation. Half an hour one to one video call with me followed up by a list of recommendations.