I often get asked the same questions about which are the best crystals, where should I start and how to look after them. I’m sharing my top crystal frequently asked questions here but if you have any more then drop them in the comments.

What are the best crystals to start with?

There are just 3 crystals that should be in everyone’s collection. They cover a range of issues, are easily sourced and work well if used together. These are:

  • Amethyst, which is great at reducing stress and anxiety, can help with sleep and even sobriety
  • Citrine for attracting wealth and abundance as well as increasing confidence and energy
  • Rose quartz for self-love, bringing compassion and balance.

Alternatively, if you are interested in working with chakras why not check out my chakra starter set which gives you everything you need to start doing more advanced activities such as chakra layouts.

How do I look after my crystals?

The second question I get asked most frequently is how do I look after my crystals?

There are lots of different things you can do, smudging with sage or incense, charging in the Full Moon, some can be washed. I have a free guide which goes into more detail which you can get here.

If you need quick and easy then buy yourself a selenite bowl or charging plate. Leave it on your dressing table and pop your crystals and crystal jewellery in it before you go to bed.  The natural healing properties of selenite will cleanse and charge your crystals overnight making them as good as new for the morning.

Can I use crystals with my children?

Absolutely, children love crystals and are more accepting of what they do for us.

Bearing in mind safety issues like everything going on their mouth, you can leave in their room out of reach to bring their healing energies into that space.

As they get older, key-rings which clip to their back packs are great as they can keep them with them and have a few to swap around if needed. Thumb stones are also great, they can sit in a pocket and are the perfect shape to just fiddle and self-soothe with.

Children are naturally drawn to the crystal they need the most but amethyst and rose quartz are great ones for soothing anxiety or giving a virtual hug.

Which crystals help with anxiety?

Amethyst and rose quartz are great for anxiety, the amethyst soothes and calms whilst the rose quartz brings those feelings of compassion and balance.

There will be lots of other crystals that can help, depending on what is causing your anxiety. For a more in-depth read check out my blog ‘Crystals for Anxiety ‘

Which crystals help with sleep?

Hands up who struggles with sleep? I know I certainly do.

Again, there is a long and a short answer to this. Pop an amethyst into your pillowcase (see why you need several in your collection) and make sure you have a good bedtime routine.

Depending on what is causing your problems with sleep there are a whole other range of crystals that help. Check them out here.

My personal favourite is lepidolite, but notice it’s purple, like amethyst which might give you a clue as to other crystals you could try.

Do let me know below if you have found this article helpful along with any other crystal questions you have, and I will do my best to answer them.