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My Shop

Gemstone Jewellery

Crystal jewellery is a great way to bring crystals into your everyday life as wearable therapy. Each piece is handcrafted by me and I use my knowledge and intuition to bring different combinations of crystals together for enhanced healing effects.

Choose from bullet pendants, Zodiac pendants, simple elasticated bracelets and bag charms. I also create fully customised pieces made to your specifications, get in touch for an estimate.

Crystal bundles and Guides

Buying crystals in bundles simplifies your life by providing you with a carefully curated selection perfectly suited to your needs so you can just grab and go before getting on with your day.

Why not check out my blog post or video to find out more?

Not sure which bundle is right for you? Why not check out Zodiac bundles, containing 3 crystals in an interchangeable pendant that work particularly well with each star sign.

Alternatively book a one to one crystal consultation with me.

Tools to Support your Crystal Practice

As you become more accustomed to using crystals you may wish to expand your collection with a range of tools to get the best out of them. This could be as simple as a selenite bowl to place your crystals in to charge overnight or some of the more complex grids to set up crystal grids for specific intentions.

What my lovely customers say

Why you need Sharon’s crystals… healing when you are ill. 

I’ve just bundled up a selection for me and hubby. Under our pillow, on my wrist and I’ve shoved his inside his hand while he rests. Mine I’m rubbing on my tummy.

So grateful for my crystal bundles from Sharon and my selenite bowl by my bed for charging.

Dani Smith

Just wanted to say I’m so glad I joined the group. After seeing Sharon mention amethyst helping sleep and putting under the pillow I decided to give it a go. I sleep light and the past 3 weeks so on a Thursday night I’m lucky to sleep past 4.30am. It’s meant I’m shattered over the weekend more than I normally am. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it, so after cleansing and charging my crystal on Sunday I put my amethyst and clear quartz in my pillow case (so I wouldn’t lose them). I’ve felt I’ve slept better but last night was the proper test…..6.30am I woke… I love it!

Thank you

Cheryl Lea

Still in absolute awe that I ordered my grid yesterday and it’s arrived this morning.

I’m working on my third eye charka right now so used the grid to support this area.

I set my intentions…..

Janice Nash

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