Something a bit different from me this week. I’m answering a few questions about how my business runs and why I might not be a good fit for you.

You expect next day delivery

I’m not Amazon Prime, I’m a one woman small business with a part time salaried job and a home to run. The majority of my items are custom made to order. I don’t hold huge amounts of stock (although my partner would dispute that) so I am dependent on the turnaround times of my suppliers.

Where possible I try to order from other small businesses who are under the same constraints as I am, so it can sometimes be up to a week before I receive the items to make your order.

Unless I’m really busy I only go to the post office once a week. It helps me make best use of my time and fuel. Bearing all that in mind, if you tend to leave things to the last minute I’m probably not the best fit for you.

You want pristine packaging, lots of freebies and don’t mind plastic

Where possible I reuse packaging to reduce the amount of paper, card etc going into landfill. Where I do use brand new coloured mail bags they are either made from recycled materials or are able to be recycled. If you are careful about how you open your parcels you can probably reuse the packaging yourself.

Yes, you will find bubble wrap, but I don’t actually buy it, I reuse what has come my way from goods I receive through the post.

You might find the odd extra crystal or wax melt sample in your order, but I don’t put in chocolates, lollipops or other freebies in. I often receive bits like this and nine times out of ten they end up in the bin. As well as the environmental impact these items all have a cost attached which only goes onto the final cost of what you are buying.

You are looking for a bargain

If you spend time looking you will find similar items to mine cheaper elsewhere. But can you be sure of their origin, if they are ethically produced and in the case of crystals if they are even genuine?

I wrote a blog a while ago about sourcing crystals ethically. I buy from reputable small business owners where I am confident what I am buying is genuine and has been mined ethically not pulled from the Earth in a conflict region by someone getting paid pennies a day under horrific conditions.

You are also paying for my time and experience. I have taken (and continue to take) courses on crystal healing and associated subjects. I also do various workshops to learn new craft techniques to allow me to expand the range of jewellery and accessories I offer. This allows me to provide the best solution for your needs and I share that knowledge with you in personalised crystal guides when you make a purchase from me.

Who remembers the Stella Artois slogan from the 80’s through to mid noughties? Let us know in the comments.

You expect free postage

I charge for postage as it allows me to keep my costs transparent. It’s still a cost that needs to be met and personally I prefer to see it separate rather than the cost of the item being inflated to cover it. Crystals are heavy and need extra  protection to get safely to you so just don’t fit into the lower postage bands.

I also send items signed for. This gives both you and I the reassurance that your item can be tracked through the mail system before it arrives safely through your door.

Check out my blog posts on Sourcing Crystals Ethically and Sustainable Crafting.

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