Sacred Sage Cleansing Bundle

Sacred Sage Cleansing Bundle


A brand new cleansing bundle created by Spellbound with a 4 inch Sage smudge stick to help you cleanse your energy and space. Complete with instruction card and reusable cotton pouch, hand printed in a luxury gold glitter finish to keep your sage and crystals in.

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Introducing our Sacred Sage Cleansing Bundle from Spellbound Co, a transformative tool for purifying and harmonising your space! This carefully curated kit combines the power of sacred sage with sacred intentions while creating a cleansing ritual promoting positive energy and clearing away any negativity.

Our Sacred Sage Cleansing Kit includes a bundle of ethically sourced sage, a natural and traditional herb used for centuries in spiritual practices. Sage burning, also known as smudging, is an ancient Native American tradition believed to purify the energy of a space, objects, or oneself. Smudging with sage releases stagnant energy, cleanses the environment, and invites fresh, vibrant energy into your surroundings.

To perform a sage cleansing ritual, simply light the sage bundle and let the smoke waft through your space while setting your intention for purification and renewal. Allow the smoke to reach all corners of the room, ensuring that the cleansing energy permeates every nook and cranny.

The sage bundle is hand-tied with care and packaged elegantly, making it a thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one who seeks balance and harmony.

Embrace the transformative power of sage cleansing and create a sacred space that nurtures your well-being and uplifts your spirit. Clear away negative energy and make room for positivity, balance, and renewed energy with our Sacred Sage Cleansing Kit.


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