Imagine getting up in the morning and knowing which piece of jewellery is going to give you that extra boost of confidence at a job interview. Or which to pop in your child’s pillowcase to help with their nightmares.

What’s included?

30 minutes Zoom call with me to discuss what you’d like to learn from me and next steps on your crystal journey.

Following your 30 minute one to one video call, you receive a personalised, colour illustrated crystal prescription giving details of the crystals that will best help with the challenges you face. PLUS you get a money off voucher should you make any purchases from your prescription.

Here’s what some of my clients said.

Can’t recommend having one of these enough! Plus – the prescription is perfect to hand over to my husband for christmast present ideas for me this year!

I just want to say thank you to Sharon for my crystal consultation. Not only did she help talk rhrough what I needed, but my whole family too. We are coming up to a transition as a family from tomorrow and the advice given is so useful. The crystal sheet she did is fab, I love to save those as a reminder for which crystals to use, its very handy as it visual and easy to check. I had a read through the wrote up too, which is quite in depth and goes one step further. Overall the session and follow up material is so full of value. I love crystals but im still very much a beginner so this was amazing for me. I highly recommend x