Chakra Grid for Distance Healing

Chakra Grid for Distance Healing


This bamboo, laser cut chakra grid is perfect for distance healing and setting crystal grids. Perfect for those new to energy healing and experienced practitioners carrying out distance healing.

The design is laser cut into bamboo, known for its eco friendly properties. Measures  12.5 x 22 cm and 0.8cm thick. Bamboo creates a steady base for crystals, allowing them to be easily moved, Easy to wipe clean and wood contains its own grounding properties.

Enhanced with mandala designs in two corners this can be customised with your name or your business name.


Introducing our remarkable Chakra Grid for Distance Healing! This extraordinary crystal grid is meticulously designed to facilitate powerful energy healing from afar, and is an indispensable tool for practitioners and individuals seeking remote healing experiences.

Our Chakra Grid for Distance Healing features a carefully crafted design that corresponds to the seven major chakras. The arrangement creates a synergy of healing energies that can be accessed and directed remotely.

Using this grid is simple yet immensely effective. Whether you’re a seasoned healer or new to energy work, placing your intention on the grid initiates a connection with the recipient, allowing healing energy to flow through the crystals. Aligning crystals with yeh chakras amplify the energy and target specific areas of imbalance, promoting holistic healing and restoration.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this chakra grid is designed to withstand the demands of remote healing sessions. Its durable construction ensures longevity, allowing you to harness its healing properties repeatedly with confidence.

Embrace the power of distance healing with our grid, a versatile and transformative tool for practitioners and individuals alike. Utilize its potential to facilitate energetic balance, promote well-being, and support the healing journey.

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