Advent Experience 2024 10 Month Payment Plan

Advent Experience 2024 10 Month Payment Plan


Order your 2024 Crystal Advent Experience and pay in 10 instalments for a new crystal or piece of crystal jewellery throughout Advent.

Closes 31st January 2024.


The NKN Crystal Creation Advent Experience 2024 is an Advent Calendar like no other! Here you have the opportunity to split across 10 payments to spread the cost throughout the year.

NB On checkout you will be taken to a different site to sign up for your payment plan.

I’m really excited for you that every day, you’ll be opening up a new crystal item to add to your collection. It could be a tumble stone, it might be a piece of jewellery or even a carved angel. To back this up, you’re going to be able to find out more about each crystal in a private pop up group where I’ll be sharing lots of ways you can use your crystals throughout December.

In the Advent Experience 2024 I’ll be sharing things like:

Did you know that wearing Amethyst helps reduce hangovers


Haematite helps to detox the liver?

As well as tips to help you get through Christmas who wants to get clear for the New Year with the right crystals to get on top of those resolutions with a bang? I’m going to be bringing you crystals that can help you with that too.

But what about those of you that struggle to remember what each crystal is for? Or just know you won’t be able to keep up with all the lives throughout December? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

On Boxing Day

(so it doesn’t spoil the surprises) I’ll be sending you a free eBook with full colour photos and a description of what each crystal is and how to use it. So you will have your collection of 25 Crystal items and an e-book reminding you what each one is for, how fabulous is that! You’ll know more about crystals than me soon.

As you all know, I like to keep things sustainable. So your crystal goodies in your Advent Experience 2023 are going to come in individually numbered bags that you can hang up around the house and refill yourself for many years to come. No plastics allowed!


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