This is the final in this series of blogs about crystal shapes. There are other shapes that I haven't mentioned but this certainly has given you a good example of the range of shapes available. I also hoped that it’s given you food for thought about ways that crystals can be used.

I would also recommend popping over to learn with me  and reading these blogs in conjunction with my videos there on how to use crystals around the home, because this is where these crystals really come into their own.

Crystal Cluster

As it sounds, this crystal shape is a cluster usually of points in some way. They make good decorative ornamental pieces, and they radiate their energy throughout the room. If they are flatter like a crystal bed, where you can actually see the bedrock on the base before the crystal itself, they are really good to charge other small crystals just by popping them on the top of it.


Geodes are one of my favourite crystal shapes. I always think of them as little crystal caves. You can get smaller pieces but most larger pieces will set you back several £100s, but they are very good at grounding and supporting internal healing. Each point within the geode emits its own energy making them very powerful and also good for charging other crystals.

Freeform Crystal Shapes

Free form crystal shapes are those which have been grown naturally into a variety of shapes. I have a lepidolite and smoky quartz in clear quartz which you can see in the photograph that is one of my favourites. It brings some calming and relaxing benefits.

They tend to be larger so can be good for ornamental pieces and  have quite high vibrations.

Carved Crystal Shapes

You can find crystals that have been carved into various crystal shapes. Angels, buddhas, often little skulls.

The crystal shape can bring additional energy to the crystal e.g. angels bringing gentle healing, skulls are good for letting go and moving on.  Stars are good for bringing down celestial energies when healing. These are more of a personal choice but are still very effective in healing.

They come in a variety of sizes so could be used as ornaments or can be attached to key chains, bag charms or even threaded on a chain or string and worn around the neck.

Crystal flames fall into this category and inspire the user to reach deep within oneself to find assertiveness and truly manifest their desires.

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This finishes this series of blogs on crystal shapes. I hope you found it useful. Do let me know if there are any other shapes you would like further information on and I look forward to reading your comments.