That's how many of us are wearing the wrong size bra, according to a survey of over 42,000 women carried out in 2021 by a UK lingerie company. We often pop other things in our bras for safe-keeping and we really shouldn’t.

If you've got room to put extras in your bra you're probably wearing the wrong size bra and need to get properly fitted. This means you get the best support and ensures you don’t get a range of problems such as back and neck pain.

Heavy Items

Think wallets, coins, crystals, phones, anything that’s got some weight to it. They stretch your bra, removing the support it was intended to give you. If you forget they are in there you risk sending them flying across the room when you let everything go at the end of the day. Or you could end up bundling them up with clothes and find yourself with an expensive washing machine repair bill.

Mobile Phones

The jury's still out on if radiation from mobile phones can cause damage at cellular level and breast cancer but bearing in mind the comments above about heavy items it’s still not a good idea to put your phone in your bra. As well as stretching your bra you are exposing your phone to a warm, damp environment which isn’t great.

Sharp Items

Yes, some women put their car keys in.  They're sharp, they can damage your bra, they can damage you so not a good idea. Another sharp item that could cause damage to your bra and scratch/irritate your skin are rough/raw crystals.

It’s warm and damp in there

Popping tissues, particularly used ones, in your bra which is a warm and damp environment gives you a great breeding ground to build up some nasty bacteria going on.

Lipstick and other makeup items are likely to melt being kept so close to your body. So really not a good idea to pop them in and if they break there’s going to be a mess.

Some crystals don't like water, and you could actually be damaging your crystals or exposing yourself to some chemicals that if you hadn't got your crystal damp you would never have known about e.g. Selenite you're likely to melt it, malachite is absolutely fine to handle when it's dry, but if it gets wet it does start leaching some nasty stuff.

Crystals should be used intentionally

You might not get the best out of your crystals if you just stuff them in your bra without thinking about it. When using crystals you need to take the time to set an intention, it could be something as simple as ‘please protect me from negative energy today’

Remember some crystals can work against one another so  if you're popping multiple crystals in without thought they might be cancelling one another out.

Personally, I stopped wearing crystals in my bra when I lost a couple but I also find that you can tell what I've eaten by the contents of my bra at the end of the day. Crisps stuck to crystals is not a good look! That and all the points above is  why I started making crystal jewellery to keep my bra for its intended purpose.

Do you wear your crystals in your bra? Are you going to change that habit? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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