This year I’m creating the first NKN Crystal Advent Calendar, so I wanted to chat about Advent this week.

History of Advent Calendars

Advent calendars came into being in the earliest 20th century. There is some debate over if the first one was produced in Austria or Germany. Each had 24 pictures representing the countdown to Christmas and a few years later the doors were added bringing us to the Advent Calendars we know and love today.

Fun Calendar Facts

Approximately half of the adults in the UK receive an Advent Calendar with 29% of us buying our own. The top types according to a YouGov survey in 2019 are:

  • Chocolate 80%
  • Cosmetics 13%
  • Toys 11%
  • Pictures 9%
  • Other food 7%
  • Wines and spirits 6%
  • Other 6%

Why am I developing an NKN Crystal Advent Calendar?

I always had an Advent calendar as a child and can still remember the excitement every morning at opening the window to see what picture was behind it. I especially liked the large double picture for Christmas day.

As an adult when I have had an Advent calendar, I’ve tended to have chocolate ones. Over the years I’ve become somewhat disillusioned with them especially with the amount of plastic used in their production.

Last year I did some research and finally treated myself to a tea bag Advent. It gave me a great opportunity to try out different herbal and fruit teas without having to commit to a whole box and best of all no plastics.

I had looked around for crystal Advents but by the time I started looking they had all been sold out back in the summer or were out of my price range. So, this year I decided to offer my own crystal advent going on sale in October when I and most people I know start thinking about the lead up to Christmas.

Crystal Cluster

What’s in it

My crystal advent won’t follow the traditional box format. Instead, it will be a collection of 25 numbered bags that you can hang up and display around your home, one for each day of Advent and a special Christmas day treat.

Without giving too much away your calendar will contain a mix of:

  • Crystal tumble stones
  • Crystal chip bracelets
  • Carved crystal shape
  • Crystal chips

And maybe a few surprises.

How will I know what to do with the crystals in my Advent calendar?

I will be setting up a Facebook group for anyone that purchases a calendar. There will be a daily post showcasing the contents for that day and sharing ideas how to use them. There will be opportunities to ask questions, I will pop on live a few times. At the end of advent there will be a PDF guide outlining the contents of your calendar and suggested uses for each crystal available for you to download.

I want to make this a great experience for you so as well as expanding your crystal collection you can also expand your knowledge of crystals and what to do with them.

Cost and Payment Plan

Numbers will be limited. Cost will be £125 per calendar with payment either in full or in two payments – late October and mid-November before they ship.

How do I get one?

Fill in the form here to express your interest, it doesn’t commit you at this stage. I will then email you to confirm your order and agree payment dates just before they are made available to the general public.

Any questions do drop a comment below or email me and I look forward to sharing more about these in the coming weeks.