Mini Me

This week I’ve decided to share a bit about me and why I love crystals.

About me

I’m Sharon, I’m 54, live in Swindon with my partner. We have no children and I’m working on getting a furbaby but we can’t seem to agree. I say crate trained and neutered at the appropriate age, he says not so I think its going to be a while!

I’m a trained primary school teacher and librarian and have spent most of my career in administration type roles.

Three random things that people don’t know about me

I have never had a sense of smell. There’s times when I wonder what I’m missing and apparently I can be a bit heavy handed with the garlic when I’m cooking but it’s never really bothered me.

I was married for 10 years, and my wedding took place in Mauritius which is a beautiful place but real contrasts between the haves and have nots.

I’m slightly obsessed with alpacas and my big dream is to live somewhere with the space to have my own small herd.

Why I started my business

I’m passionate about crystals and the impact they can have on well-being and wanted to be able to share that love and knowledge with others.

I’m also a total craft addict, if you can name it, I’ve probably tried it! I suffer with bouts of poor mental health and find that craft, especially repetitious things like knitting, bring me a sense of peace and well-being.

I used to be a put my crystals in my bra girl but after losing a few decided to use my crafty side and make crystal jewellery. As I was making some pieces, I had a bit of an ‘a-ha’ moment. Crystals are beautiful in their own right and shouldn’t we be proud of tapping into our spiritual side?

Where Nails, kNots and Notions came from


About 6 years ago I was with an MLM selling nail wraps. I always had spares and they came in such amazing designs I started making jewellery, key rings and wine glass charms from them which lead to ‘Nails’.


kNots and Notions

I knit and crochet a lot and used to sell bits and pieces, most recently arm knitting so ‘kNots’. Notions came from the idea of me making lots of different, sometimes whimsical pieces so Nails, Knots and Notions was born.

I had a small following, and an occasional blog. These coupled with how much of me went into Nails, kNots and Notions made me want to keep it when I started my crystal business. My current logo of the hand holding a crystal is a metamorphosis from my original logo. So, NKN Crystal Creations was born.

What I do and how crystals support self care

My main passion is sharing the knowledge that I have built up from personally using crystals for over 10 years.

I make a range of jewellery so you can show off your crystals, but my signature items are my crystal bundles. I curate bundles of crystals that can support with lots of aspects of self-care. It could be to support challenges such as anxiety or migraine or to enhance other self-care practices such as journaling or yoga.

I give you the crystals as tools to support your well-being along with the guidance as to how get the best out of them.

What I most enjoy about my business

Whilst I love the creative side of making jewellery, the thing I enjoy most is seeing that I’ve made a difference to someone’s well-being. It could be a parent getting a whole night’s sleep as their child’s nightmares have been helped or someone that has managed that extra bit of focus in their yoga practice.

What do I do when not working on my business?

I have a part time job working as a stock controller, 4 mornings a week. I knit and crochet a lot, am a bit obsessed with YouTube reruns of Say Yes to the Dress, the ones with Gok are the best. Oh, and planning my latest alpaca visit.

My favourite crystal and why?

That’s hard! If I was pushed to one, I’d have to say carnelian. As a Leo I’m naturally drawn to it’s fiery nature but I just love the energy that it brings.

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a bit more about me and don’t forget I run a free Facebook community.

What’s next for NKN Crystal Creations?

There’s going to be a few exciting things coming up. I’m going to be more focused on sharing my crystal knowledge. Get ready for some craft workshops making your own crystal jewellery, some more in depth guides and maybe even a course or too.

The Advent Experience will be back with some extended payment plan options and I may even get round to making some crystal rings.

Crystal Consultations

Do you love crystals but struggle to remember which ones help which challenges/ailments? Or you’re just not sure where to start?

Imagine getting up in the morning and knowing which piece of jewellery is going to give you that extra boost of confidence at a job interview. Or which to pop in your child’s pillowcase to help with their nightmares.

Book one of my video crystal consultations and I can identify the best ways for you to incorporate crystals into your daily routine. You receive a personalised, colour illustrated crystal prescription giving details of the crystals that will best help with the challenges you face. PLUS you get a money off voucher should you make any purchases from your prescription.