Dog eared book

Yes I am that person (although I only do it on paperbacks). I even write, usually in pencil, in non fiction books too. Although I do the majority of reading on a Kindle nowadays, I am in a book club so buy a real book monthly.

The thing is, books are meant to be used, read and loved. There’s just that connection to another time and place when you pick up a well loved and used book. It could be memories back to when you first read the book, or even wondering where the person who read it before you was taken by their imagination.

Crystals are like books, they are meant to be used and cherished and there’s lots of different ways you can do this.

Crystal Space

Where do you keep your crystals?

Many set up a sacred space or altar for them. I keep mine on an old sideboard. It’s in a room I regularly use so I can pass by and just fiddle with them. I also have an armchair close by so I can sit by them and meditate or just be for a few quiet moments. 

By giving my crystals their own dedicated, visible space, not only am I cherishing them but giving myself plenty of opportunities to benefit from their healing vibes and taking little moments of calm.

Grab a cuppa and read this article about setting up your own altar.

Crystal Grids

I’ve written several articles on crystal grids but it’s a great way to set up your crystals then let them work their magic over time. Check them out 

I’m just loving these amazing examples from Judy Hall, now sadly deceased,  world renowned crystal expert.

Keeping your crystals feeling loved and cherished

Crystals work with energy so to keep them working at their best they need regular TLC. don’t leave too long in direct sunlight, cleanse and charge them regularly.

My crystal journal contains a section on cleansing and charging your crystals or get a free guide to cleansing and charging your crystals when you sign up to my weekly update.

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