A few weeks ago, I was chatting to a friend about crystals for sleep. I mentioned popping one in pillowcase would be a good place to start and she mentioned she was like the Princess and the Pea. For those of you that haven't heard of it, the Princess and the Pea is a fairy tale. From my sketchy memory, the prince was looking to marry but wanted to check that all his would-be brides were true princesses. Each night a pea was put in the bed of the latest would-be bride below a pile of mattresses.  It was only the true princess that couldn't sleep and was bruised the following morning because of her delicate skin.

This got me thinking about other ways that crystals for sleep could still be used, for those that are like the Princess and the Pea or even for children where you are not comfortable putting a crystal in their pillowcase.


This is where you can really go to town if you have space. Think geodes, free forms, flames and crystal beds. Anything that looks good and can just sit there doing its magic whilst you sleep.

Selenite Bowls

Selenite gives off gentle calming vibes and is definitely on my list for crystals to help sleep. Pop a bowl or charging plate in the bedroom and it will aid sleep. It will also do double duty by charging your crystals that you have been wearing throughout the day. Don't forget to give it a charge now and again so it continues to do its best. Alternatives are a piece of selenite or even a selenite lamp.

By the Bed

Your crystals do not need to be in bed with you to work, particularly if you have set the intention that they are there to help you sleep. Why not try popping on the bedside table or I find a drilled crystal hung on a piece of cord hanging on the headboard (safely of course) work just as well.


Dreamcatchers are great for kids but another really good way to bring crystals into the bedroom. Either weave small crystal chips or beads through the web or why not thread them below the main hoop. Don't forget to share dreamcatchers came from Native Americans, the web catches the bad dreams which are then burnt away by the sun during the day.

Read more about dreamcatchers here.

Which crystals to use for sleep

A number of crystals aid sleep. Generally, they are those associated with the higher chakras such as the third eye and crown. A root chakra crystal helps protect during sleep, rose quartz gives comfort and there are some blue crystals which help sleep as well. I offer a bundle of crystals to help sleep which comes with a full colour guide to aid identification.