This week is the first in a two part series for using crystals with kids. I talk about safety aspects, where they can use crystals and a few examples of crystals they can use.

Next week I will move on to talking about some of the more creative things kids can do with their crystals for themselves.

Considerations when using crystals with kids

Crystals can easily be used with kids, there's just a couple of safety things to bear in mind:

  1. Always supervise when they are using crystals, either by yourself or another responsible adult.
  2. Explain the purpose of crystals and the potential benefits of using them.
  3. Choose crystals that are safe and easy to handle, such as tumbled stones, smooth and rounded stones, or stones that are not fragile.
  4. Allow them to choose their own crystals, as this will help them to connect more deeply with the stone.
  5. Respect their wishes and let them dictate the length of time they would like to use the crystal.

Where can kids use crystals?

Kids can use crystals in a variety of ways! Crystals can be used in jewelry, as decorative pieces, and in meditation or mindfulness activities. Crystals can also be used to help them focus on positive energy in their lives and to help keep their space and minds clear of negative energy. For example, when a child is feeling overwhelmed or stressed, having a crystal nearby can help center and ground them. Crystals can also be used to help kids set intentions, create balance, and expand their creativity.

How can crystals be used to help kids sleep?

Crystals can be a great tool for helping kids get quality sleep. They can help to create a calming atmosphere and can be used in various ways. For example, you can place a crystal near the bed or under the pillow, or you can make a pouch with several different crystals and hang it near the bed.

Some crystals to consider for this purpose are amethyst, rose quartz, and selenite. Amethyst is said to provide calming and soothing energy, while rose quartz is said to bring love and a sense of security. Selenite is known to help clear negative energy and promote a peaceful environment. My own personal favourite for sleep is lepidolite which also helps with nightmares and night terrors.

How can crystals help with EMFs from electronics such as gaming?

Crystals can be great for helping with EMFs from electronics such as gaming. Certain crystals, such as black tourmaline, are said to help protect from electromagnetic radiation. Place a few pieces of these crystals around your gaming setup to help reduce the EMF levels. You can also find pendants and necklaces that contain black tourmaline, which you can wear while gaming. Wearing the necklace can help provide additional protection from the radiation.

Other crystals that you can use include shungite and selenite. Shungite can be expensive but why not consider a selenite or Himalayan salt lamp to absorb some of those nasties.

Which crystals help kids with anxiety?

Crystals can be a very powerful tool for helping kids who are struggling with anxiety.

Some of the crystals that are commonly used to help support kids with anxiety include:

  • amethyst for calming and soothing
  • rose quartz to promote feelings of love and acceptance. A hug in a crystal
  • moonstone for balancing emotions
  • fluorite aids in mental clarity and focus
  • and haematite to ground keeping energy centred and balanced.

All of these crystals can be used together or individually to help provide your child with the support they need.

Why not get a thumb stone to pop in a pocket and self soothe with or try giving them a bag charm attached to a back pack?

Which crystals help kids with focus and concentration?

Crystals can be a great aid to help focus and concentration in kids. Some of the best crystals for this purpose are:

  • citrine to help reduce anxiety, clear the mind, and increase focus
  • rose quartz  for calming and soothing energy
  • and amethyst for its ability to help relieve stress and tension, and boost mental clarity.

Additionally, blue lace agate, clear quartz, and fluorite are all known for their ability to help maintain focus and concentration. It's important to note that crystals should never be used as a substitute for medical treatment, and if your child has difficulty concentrating, it's best to consult with a medical professional.

Which crystals help children with creativity?

A great crystal to help kids with creativity is fluorite. Fluorite is believed to help clear the mind and create a space for new ideas to come in. It is also said to increase focus and concentration, which can be helpful when trying to come up with new and creative ideas. Other crystals that may help to foster creativity in kids include citrine, amethyst, and lapis lazuli.

Again wearing or having the crystals in their proximity will be enough for them to gain the healing vibes from them.

Next week I'll be talking about some ways kids can use crystals in crafts and mindful activities. To make sure you don't miss out sign up to receive a copy of my blog straight to you inbox and you'll receive a free guide to cleansing and charging your crystals.