citrine ring

Recently I wrote a blog  'I turn the corner down on books.' Some of you might think I'm a bit of a monster for doing it but I believe books are something that should be read, enjoyed and loved. Crystals should be treated in the same way so today I'm talking about how they can help with health and happiness habits.

Enjoy your crystals

Take time to enjoy your crystals and actually building up some habits with your them. This both improves your health and happines but also makes sure you get the best out of them.

The first really important habit is to make sure your crystals are regularly cleansed and charged. They work on vibrations and energy so if they've been absorbing a lot of negative energy then that will need clearing out there are lots of different ways that you can do this.

Moon Rituals

Another really useful habit to get into is Moon rituals. Crystals work particularly well when they're aligned to the moon cycle.

A good way to do it is set your intention with your crystals possibly with a crystal grid. At the New Moon you may collect you may make some Moon water to have a bath with , you can do some meditation you may go outside and walk around barefoot. There's lots of different things you can do. At New Moon you set your intentions for something specific that you want, such as building some happiness habits. Then when you get round to the Full Moon you then clear out everything that no longer serves you. My favourite is scribbling on a piece of paper everything I need to let go of and burning it.

Watch moon phase video.

Crystals to Support Happiness and Habits

There are some good crystals for habits I'm going to suggest my favourites here.


This is one of my favourites I think of it like sunshine in a crystal and just looking at it makes me really happy but it helps with feelings of abundance, and often also confidence.

If sometimes you struggle to stay focused something like a tiger's eye which has a gentle grounding effect as well is helpful.

Green aventurine

Make sure you're open to luck and opportunities by wearing this crystal or using a part of a crystal routine.

Self-care Crystals for Health and Happiness

Another really good habit to get into is taking some time out to be gentle with yourself and making sure you're giving yourself some love and compassion crystals such as rose quartz and rhodonite are particularly effective with this.

Regularly clearing out negativity from your life by using crystals through meditation or wearing them or having them in your space is really helpful and good crystals for this tend to be the black ground in crystals. So think of things like black obsidian, or black tourmaline.

Howlite is a crystal that is often forgotten about. It's most commonly seen as turquoise howlite where it's dyed blue and it can be dyed in other colours. It does have its own quite gentle properties. It's most important feature is, it's  good to help with healthy eating habits.

Final one on my list is red jasper which is really helpful for working towards workout goals and being motivated.

To get into the habit of looking after your crystals access your guide to cleansing and charging your crystals below.