When I talk about journaling, I am referring to it as therapy not bullet journals or beautifully coordinated masterpieces. Often the journaling that helps the most are where you’ve nearly scribbled through the paper!

Benefits of Journaling with Crystals

Journaling with crystals can add another dimension to your practice, helping with concentration or a much deeper connection with your more spiritual self.

Ways to Journals with Crystals

Journal with crystals in your space

Journaling with crystals can be as simple as having them in your space,  to touch/hold/fiddle with. I would advise to  go with your intuition but if you are unsure where to start consider the following:

  • Amethyst – helps clear the mind, allows you to trust your intuition
  • Rose quartz – excellent for self love and healing
  • Quartz – amplifies energy so really good for boosting when you get in the flow and cleanses the space from negativity that may come out
  • Sodalite – dissolves mental blocks

Using crystals to guide journaling

Crystals can be used proactively in journaling, using their healing benefits to guide your journaling.

  • Amethyst – just start writing and let a stream of consciousness out which will be connected to your intuition
  • Rose quartz – great for gratitude journaling, think of all the good things in your life right now, allow the crystal to help you recognise just how awesome you are
  • Clear quartz – help clear negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with positive ones. For every negative thought you write, add 3 positive one.

Meditate then journal

This is a more advanced technique but can be very rewarding.

You  need to  allow yourself plenty of time, you may need to set a timer, and I suggest playing calming music or white noise in the background.

Place a grounding crystal, such as haematite, by your feet, then sit or lie in a comfortable space holding your crystal in your left hand.

Close your eyes then box breathe (in 5,  hold 5, out 5, hold 5) for half a dozen cycles then allow your breath to settle to natural rhythm

Concentrate on the crystal in your hand, start with using your five senses, what does it feel like,does it bring any sights or sounds to mind, any scent? Allow the crystal to gently lead you and just experience whatever images and thoughts it throws at you.

When you are ready, return to box breathing, then slowly open your eyes and stretch. Write down everything you can remember.

After Care

Remember that crystals move energy and can dislodge toxins, so particularly after the third method be extra kind to yourself and drink plenty of water.