Crystals for detox

There’s lots of reasons for detoxing, and there’s lots of ways that we can detox. When people talk about a detox most of the time, they are talking about how they can detox their body. That is usually where you often see these sorts of very restricted diets over a few days. But there’s also other things that you can detox to help you feel better.

Why do we detox?

A big area to detox is your mind. Have a think about how you can manage some of those difficult thoughts that you have, just having a bit of a brain dump or using crystals to help.

Also, particularly as a crystal user, I often detox the space around me and my crystals. I do that by burning sage or Palo Santo wood and just smudging around the house with the smoke. Another good one to do is to open the doors and windows and just sweep through or play loud music to really cleanse the space that you’re in.

Ways to Detox with Crystals

There’s  several different ways that you can detox using crystals that I’m going to talk about here.

Crystal Waters

I have mentioned several times in the past about how you can use crystals to get the water vibrating at the same frequency as the crystals so you can gain the healing benefits. And of course you gain the benefits of drinking plenty of water itself.

The importance of drinking water shouldn’t be ignored at any time but particularly when you are detoxing it is important as it helps move the toxins out and away through your body.

There are a number of crystals that you cannot put in water. Examples of these are things like selenite which melts or things like malachite, which would actually leach nasty chemicals into the water that it wouldn’t do when you touch it when it’s dry.

Personally, I find the best solution to make crystal waters is to use a bottle specially designed for this. They come come in a number of designs. I favour one that has got a glass chamber at the bottom. I can unscrew the lid change the crystals to what I want and then it can carry on charging my water and getting it to vibrate at the same frequency.

There are various models on the market particularly a couple that actually put the chamber into the middle of the water rather than underneath it. However, these tend to be plastic and where possible I try and minimise my use of plastic where possible.

Crystal Grids

The second way I’m going to talk about is by using crystals and grids. A grid is a way of setting up crystals using sacred geometry to further increase the energy flow.

If you have not encountered crystal grids before then why not check out my series of posts on them.

As with any grid set up the points that you need to remember are deciding why you want to set it up.

  • Which crystals you’re going to use
  • Make sure they are cleansed and charged.
  • Set up in space where it can be undisturbed.
  • How long you are going to set up for, I usually set mine up with the new moon and then clear away at the time of the full moon but this is down to personal preference.

You then activate your grid using by touching your crystals in turn, either with a crystal wand or with your finger and setting the intentions as to what you want that grid to achieve for you. Then just leave it alone and it’ll quietly sit there and do its work for you.

Crystals for Detox

There are a number of crystals for detox.

They work in different ways detoxing different parts of the mind, body and spirit that I would suggest the following

Carnelian – fights fatigue, depression and apathy. Brings energy and vitality boosting willpower.  Detoxes alcohol and other toxic substances.

Haematite – grounding, iron content helps strengthen blood. Detoxes the liver and kidneys.

Moonstone – balances female hormones and reduces water retention along with menstrual cramps 

Bloodstone – purifies and aligns the chakras. Cleanses physical and emotional stagnation. Strengthens blood flow and kidneys.

I hope you find this useful, in the run up to Christmas as Christmas parties happen or over Christmas to either help you ensure you don’t overindulge or if you do to help manage the symptoms of overindulgence and overwhelm.