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This week we are diving into the world of crystals and how they can help with stress and anxiety, especially during Mental Health Awareness Week. Crystals have some amazing properties that can really work wonders on our well-being. So, in this post, we'll chat about crystals for anxiety.

Why do Crystals Help with Anxiety?

First off, why do crystals help with anxiety? Well, it's all about their natural vibes and energy. Since they come from the earth, crystals have vibrations that connect with nature. Plus, these vibrations have an impact on our chakras—those energy centers in our bodies. So, when it comes to anxiety, crystals can do some serious chakra-balancing magic. 

Base or Root Chakra

Let's start with the base or root chakra. This chakra is often where stress likes to hang out and cause trouble. Crystals come to the rescue by grounding us and helping us feel more connected to the everyday hustle and bustle. If you're looking for some crystals to tame the stress monster, go for black or red ones. Haematite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, and red jasper are some fantastic choices to keep you grounded and centered.

The Heart Chakra

Now, let's move on to the heart chakra. This chakra can also be affected by anxiety, but it's all about love. I'm not just talking about romantic love here. We're talking about self-love and general well-being. To give yourself a big crystal hug, grab some rose quartz. It's like a warm embrace from the universe itself. And for this heart-centered chakra, gentle pink or green stones like aventurine and fluorite work like a charm.

Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Next up, we have the third eye and crown chakras. These chakras are all about connecting with your spiritual self, and sometimes they can get a little out of whack. Purple and clear stones are your go to spiritual crystals. Lepidolite, which looks similar to amethyst but with a milkier overtone, is my personal favourite for sleep issues and anxiety. It's a winner, trust me! 

Other Suggestions

You can also check out Labradorite for protection and combating stress, and rainbow fluorite for a double dose of heart and third eye magic. And don't forget about clear quartz—it's like the superhero of crystals. It not only works wonders on the crown chakra but also amplifies the effects of any other crystals you're using. Talk about a power-up!

So, there you have it—some fabulous crystals to help you kick anxiety to the curb. But remember, crystals are just one piece of the puzzle. It's important to explore other ways to take care of your mental well-being too. Maybe try some meditation, take a walk in nature, or snuggle up with a good book.  Have a quick read of my post Crystals for Journaling if you are a regular writer and want to extend your practice.

And of course, don't forget to reach out to your GP or other medical professional.

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