With Christmas coming up in less than a month, it brings a lot of mixed emotions; anxiety and stress, managing the rush in the lead up to Christmas. For some people Christmas isn't necessarily a happy time. And then there's also the overindulgence maybe drinking to excess. I've suggested some crystals here and some way to use them, that can help you cope with Christmas.


First on my list is amethyst, which probably doesn't surprise you as it's one of my favourite crystals. Really good for stress and anxiety and calming.  It's also good for sleep, pop in the kids' pillowcases on Christmas Eve to make sure they get off to sleep. Amethyst can help with sobriety and reducing hangovers.

Rose Quartz

 If you find you get a bit emotional over Christmas, maybe you're missing a loved one that's no longer with us, then rose quartz is a really good crystal for you to use. It gives you that self-care and self-love, brings balance but also allows you to treat yourself and others with compassion.


Carnelian is great for detoxing and digestive issues that can be brought on by Christmas. It can give you a bit of an energy boost if you're down in the doldrums or just short on energy.


Moonstone is really good to help manage women's hormones, particularly if you're likely to have PMS or going through the menopause and need some balancing of those hormones. Also, it's good for any fluid retention you may get from sitting around too much, not exercising or drinking as much water as you normally would.


Turquoise is very calming, and it also helps with communication as it works on the throat chakra, so helps with communication and avoiding family arguments. 


Tourmaline is very grounding and protecting. I recommend a piece on either side of your front door and that will block negative energy coming into the house with people visiting.


Selenite is really calming and cleansing. It's also good at soaking up all the EMFs from all the new tech associated with Christmas. It is always worth looking for a selenite lamp as that's really good at soaking up all the EMFs. A good alternative for this is a Himalayan salt lamps.

How to use your crystals around your home

I've already mentioned about amethyst in the kids' pillowcases. Consider getting yourself a couple of larger pieces, particularly something like an amethyst bed that you can leave in the main room that you use over Christmas. It will just quietly sit there doing its stuff and you can also pop smaller crystals on it for to recharge.

You can wear crystals or leave them dotted about the rooms you will be using. When you take your Christmas decorations down, I recommend giving your house a good cleanse by smudging with sage or incense to remove any lingering negative vibes.

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