Welcome back to the second in a series of three blogs about crystal shapes.

This week I’m going to chat more about crystal spheres, eggs and more shapes that are easily found in crystal and the additional benefits that the shape brings to them.

Crystal Sphere

First of today’s crystal shape is a sphere. These are very good for more advanced crystal use, particularly scrying. They emit an even energy all around them. There can be some really sort of beautiful examples about and of course I’m sure we’ve all heard of a crystal ball.

Crystal Pyramid

Another popular crystal shape is the pyramid. The point of the pyramid provides a very focused place for transmitting intention to the universe, but also is very good for manifestation and removing blockages.

Crystal Cubes

Cubes are becoming a more commonly found crystal shape. I’ve got a couple in lepidoloite which I keep by the bed to help with my sleep.

They are quite grounding and also good for meditating on so give that more settled feeling than some other shapes.

Crystal Eggs

Next crystal shape is the egg which make great statement pieces and are really good for displaying around the home.

They bring stability, but also can help increase the vibrations necessary for fertility and bringing healing and balance to your life.

Crystal Hearts

Heart crystal shapes are very very popular. And even if you’re new to crystals I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a rose quartz heart.

Hearts send love across time and space making them really good in supporting distance healing whether you’re a practitioner or you’re looking to send love and healing back to yourself as a child.

Perhaps slightly more expensive than tumble stones but they do come in a variety of sizes from sort of quite tiny up to quite large pieces that are quite chunky and very comfortable to hold.

Palm Stone

Another of my favourite crystal shapes  is a palm or meditation stone. It’s oval, probably about an inch and a half, two inches in length, fairly flat and smooth. It’s very good for grounding, quite comfortable to hold in your hands and it’s good for stone to skin energy transfer.

A very similar crystal shape is a thumb or worry stone. there is actually a small indentation in the crystal that is thumb shaped so you can pop your thumb in there and just keep the crystal in your pocket fiddling with it and you are gaining extra benefits from actually firing some chakras on your thumb.

Crystal Wands

The final crystal shape today is wands. They have a point and a blunt end and they’re used for healing and rituals.

My personal wand is a rose quartz that I use for healing because it brings that soft gentler energy and you can use the point for spiralling positive energy in and then spiral negative energy back out using the blunt end.

Wands come in a variety of sizes. You can get them from about three inches up. Some of them do actually have a sort of beautiful spiral engraved in.

Other ways to use them is to direct energy into a crystal grid or layout.

Next week I’m going to be talking more about some of the more unusual shapes and ways that they can be used to bring healing into your life in an unobtrusive way. Don’t forget, pop any comments or questions below.