This week, I’m starting a series of articles ‘Crystal Shapes’ where I talk about the different shapes you can get and the different properties their shape can add to the healing benefits of the crystal.

Rough/Raw Crystals

This crystal shape is as it’s been mined. You can actually sometimes see the actual shapes of the crystals on the top.

It hasn’t been polished it’s quite rough so be careful using these crystals around children. It gives out strong, quite strong healing energy, but it can be sporadic.

This is the kind of crystal that would be best used, just left placed somewhere around the home or or maybe even the office whilst you are around it, due to the fact that parts of it can be quite sharp.


Second of today’s crystal shapes are tumble stones, which are the ones that most people are aware of and use. They are almost a small pebble like they have been polished.

There are no rough edges and they give out healing benefits in an even manner all the way around. These are the crystals that you’re most likely to find in in crystal shops. If you’re someone that wears that your crystal in your bra, this is one of the best ways for you to do it.

It’s how I sell the majority of my crystals. If you want to find out more about how I sell crystal tumble stones and particularly how I sell them in bundles, then please pop over Crystal Bundles.


The next crystal shape is crystal points. These can be quite rough crystals but they have got a definite point at one end.

They are particularly good for concentrating and directing energy in the direction which they are pointed. Personally, I most often use clear quartz points because as well as directing the energy it also amplifies the energy from the crystals around yet and it’s particularly useful for crystal layouts and grids.

Double Terminated Points

A crystal shape similar to points, are doubled terminated  points which as it sounds, has a point at both ends.

It can both absorb and emit energy. Moving energy both in and out and is particularly good at moving negative energy away from an area.


Then the final crystal shape for this week, similar to a point you actually have a tower.

A tower has a flat bottom so it can stand on its own and often you’ll find out how a regular number of sides and they are particularly good for recharging other crystals and also being the focal point of crystal layouts and crystal grids.

Next week I will be talking about more crystal shapes and then the third in this series we’ll be talking about the very specific, more decorative shapes that can be used around the home.

Hope you found this useful. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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