Bamboo Flower of Life Crystal Grid

This week I’m going to be talking about setting up Flower of Life crystal grid, which is one of my favourites because it is so versatile, but it is also just so pretty and feels so balancing.

About the Flower of Life Crystal Grid

The Flower of Life is created from overlapping circles, and it produces what’s called sacred geometry, which is the same patterns as we see throughout nature such as fruits, cells, and flowers.

It’s good for balance and harmony, particularly as it allows an unimpeded energy flow.

Once you have prepared yourself and your crystals as in the first of these blogs, you may also wish to write the intention of what you want to gain from this grid and pop it under your actual grid.

It can be a physical grid or just something that you’ve sketched out on a piece of paper or printed off from the internet.

Which crystals should I use with my Flower of Life grid?

You can use whichever crystals you are drawn towards or you can use them specifically for the purpose that you intended the grid for. For example, if you were trying to attach a tract, many wealth and abundance then I would use a mixture of crystals such as citrine, jade, green aventurine and pyrite.

For a further list of this what these why not check out my crystal bundle bundles for luck and manifesting.

How do I set up my grid?

Starting in the middle, put a large crystal or preferably a tower or generator crystal if you have one. Then surround that by one or two rows of crystals going around your central crystal finish with some small quartz points pointing inwards to your grid.

The quartz points will focus energy into your grid. You can also choose natural objects such as of pebbles you find on the beach, dried lavender and dried petals. Put these between your crystals just to bring some extra energy but also as it’s going to be there for a while it does also make it very attractive.

How do I activate my Flower of Life grid?

Take either a crystal wand if you have one or you can do it with just your fingertip starting at the centre, touch the centre tower and then each of the crystals around in term saying the affirmation out loud as to what this grid is going to bring you.

Then take a few moments afterwards, perhaps sit and have a cup of tea and just quietly meditate on your grid. Leave it there to do its work.

Remember when you get a moment just pop back and say your affirmation again or maybe spend a few minutes meditating with your grids. Leave it up for a couple of weeks.

I always suggest that you set a grid up at new moon and then take it down at the full moon one This gives good timing to charge the crystals that you have used. But also it’s your New Moon is about new beginnings affirmations and the Full Moon is about letting go and reviewing and reflecting on what has happened.

Where can I get a Flower of Life grid?

I now have a number of Flower of Life bamboo boards that you can use to set up your grids for sale. These are 25 cm wide 1.5cm thick, made from bamboo so they are sustainable.

They’re good to use for crystals grid because they’re robust enough that you can actually move them without disrupting your crystals. They’re easy to clean up by just giving them a wipe over and again they are quite nice to look at.

You can also Google, Flower of Life grid to download and print out.

Further Reading

Don’t forget to check out my earlier blogs in this series.

I also recommend the following book on grids which is which you can purchase via Amazon (I may get a small commission for this).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series so far and do comment below or pop any photos of your grids that you use in my Facebook group.

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