Crystal Grids Chakra Layout

This is the second in a series of blogs over the next few weeks all about crystal grids. If you are new to crystal grids, I suggest reading last week’s post.

We’re going to start today with the simplest crystal layout and that is a chakra layout. This is often used by beginners but also very experienced practitioners, particularly for things like distance healing,

All about chakras

As a reminder, chakras which I have talked about before, are spinning disks of energy running throughout the body. They start at the base or root chakra up to the crown chakra which is just above the top of their heads.

These balance energies throughout our bodies and can have impact both physically and emotionally on our well-being.

For a reminder of what the different chakras do, check out my Crystals and  Anxiety post or you can access my free PDF ‘A basic introduction to chakras’ free when you purchase my beginner crystal grid set to healing with a small grid.

Crystal grids for chakra layout

The crystal grid used for a chakra layout is a simple representation of a person with each of the chakras shown by a small circle or by the actual depiction of the chakra itself.

These can simply be sketched on a piece of paper or I have bamboo grids available through my shop in different designs.

Once you have decided on your intention for the grid, this could be something as simple as just wishing to rebalance your chakras or could be something more complex, such as you want to be less anxious or perform well in exams.

You may if you wish, write down or draw a picture of what you are hoping to gain and put it under the grid.

Starting at the base, put each crystal in turn into its place on each chakra. Then take a few moments afterwards to meditate over this.

Crystals for grids using chakra layouts

You can either select your crystals for your chakra grid by colour for each chakra or choose those you are drawn to. If you are new to crystals, then why not have a look at some of my crystal bundles including my crystal chakra starter set

Coming next week

I hope you find this useful. I will be back next week talking about some more complex grids using sacred geometry. Do comment below if you have any questions and thank you for reading.