Today I'm going to talk about combinations of crystals. When you put two crystals together you often get effects greater than the sum of the parts.

Clear Quartz Combinations

A great crystal to use in combinations is clear quartz. Known as the master crystal, it can be used for lots and lots of things. But it also really gives that bit of rocket fuel to other crystals. Pair it with something like an amethyst, which is another type of quartz, it will super charge the effects of the amethyst, and you'll get a bigger effect. 

A client was having trouble sleeping, she put amethyst and quartz in her pillowcase and reported the best night’s sleep for a long time.

Another quartz that might be worth considering is rose quartz. If you're feeling down, if you've been giving yourself a hard time, give yourself that extra boost of self-love by using clear quartz. It's a great combination.

Smokey quartz is really gentle, protective and grounding. But give it a boost with your quartz for that extra protection. Smokey and rose quartz also work really well together for a very gentle self-love and grounding boost.

Energy and Creativity Combination

Take a carnelian which works on the sacral chakra, and then a citrine, which works on your solar plexus, put those together and you get a real burst of creativity and energy. So definitely worth putting those together. One will boost the other and raise the vibrations and you will get a much bigger effect from it. 

Meditation Combination

Selenite and something like lapis lazuli which works very much on your third eye are a great combination for meditation. Selenite which brings calming, cleansing and gentle vibes. So, you can connect to your third eye and have a really good meditation with increased calmness.

Smokey Quartz and Amethyst

This is one that I have not tried personally. Again, two quartzes so they work really well together, and this is a good recommendation for nightmares. Personally, I use lepidolite for nightmares, but by all means, give this a try as these are more commonly found crystals.

You've got your amethyst, calming, soothing to the mind and then you've got your smokey quartz coming in and giving you that gentle protection.

Protection Combination

Obsidian is really strong, protective and grounding. Tiger's eye brings you courage and then hematite for grounding and cleansing. Those three together really pack a punch. If you feel you are going to be in a difficult situation, pop these in your pocket to help.

Let me know if you've tried any of these combinations, or others that have worked for you. If you've got a crystal and you think well, I'm not quite getting out of it what I was hoping, just grab a piece of clear quartz and see what kind of affects you get from the two together.

If you’d like to explore using multiple crystals together, I can create you a custom piece, like the citrine and amethyst bracelet above, starting from just £10. Pop me a message to discuss.