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Fun Facts

Crystal healing dates back over 6,000 years to the Ancient Sumarians

Cleopatra used powdered lapis lazuli as blue eye shadow

Clear quartz is known as the master crystal so if in doubt grab your quartz

What my lovely customers say

I received my beautiful bracelet today, rose quartz and tiger’s eye. I love it, thank you so much, really appreciate it – and the surprise of a wax bar too made my day

Cheryl Lea

Feeling very happy with my distance Reiki grid made for my by the lovely Sharon Hadley. 

I’m feeling impatient to us it so I am doing a giveaway for a distance Reiki session to be carried out tomorrow afternoon.

Janice Nash

Highly recommend. The service and knowledge plus amazing products is worth every penny. Such great support and I love all my crystal products from Sharon. Defo my go to when I want more.

Dani Smith

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