About Me

About Me

I make using crystals

easy for you.

I make using crystals

easy for you.

From craft to crystals

I’d sold craft items under the Nails, kNots and Notions brand for a number of years but during 2020 and Covid lock down I felt something was missing. I enjoy crafting but it wasn’t really sparking my passion.

Over 10 years ago I trained as a crystal healer but I’ve only ever used it for myself. I decided I wanted to do something a bit different with it and NKN Crystal Creations was born. I started off with a small selection of handmade crystal jewellery but soon realised that what was missing was that advice on how to quickly and easily use crystals in every day life. 

I’m a trained teacher so I use my skills and experience to share my crystal knowledge in easily digestible ‘chunks’ so you can buy products from me knowing that you will receive the advice on how to make the best use of them.

Whilst I love the creative side of making jewellery, the thing I enjoy most is seeing that I’ve made a difference to someone’s well-being. It could be a parent getting a whole night’s sleep as their child’s nightmares have been helped or someone that has managed that extra bit of focus in their yoga practice. This coupled with the huge range of crystal jewellery makers, led me in early 2024 to focus on ‘Crystals around the Home’. Lots more exciting things are coming very soon.

Why I started NKN Crystal Creations

I’m passionate about crystals and the impact they can have on well-being and wanted to be able to share that love and knowledge with others.

I’m also a total craft addict, if you can name it, I’ve probably tried it! I suffer with bouts of poor mental health and find that craft, especially repetitious things like knitting, bring me a sense of peace and well-being.

I used to put my crystals in a pocket or similar,  but after losing a few decided to use my crafty side and make crystal jewellery. As I was making some pieces, I had a bit of an ‘a-ha’ moment. Crystals are beautiful in their own right and shouldn’t we be proud of tapping into our spiritual side?

I began to make a range of jewellery so you can show off your crystals, and for a while,  my signature items were my crystal bundles. I curated bundles of crystals that can support with lots of aspects of self-care. However, the market is huge and there are lots of retailers doing very similar for much less then I could ever achieve.

I began writing a book on using crystals around the home and all of a sudden had an a-ha moment! I’m now moving into focusing on ways to use and dispaly crystals around the home so you and your loved ones receive regular healing from them and can also marvel at their beauty.

“Just received my beautiful new crystals.

I’m new to crystals and what they can do but Sharon has been fantastic in helping me understand them more and the crystals she sent me are absolutely stunning.

On top of that, they were presented beautifully in little pouches, a little lavender scent and having a printout of what they are is helpful as well.

I’m definitely coming back for me and even my Mum is interested.

Thank you Sharon x”

Stephanie Picton

From crystals to blissful

From crystals to blissful

My values

Supportive Community

I run a free, supportive online social media community where I share my crystal knowledge and integrating crystals into your everyday life. This includes working in collaboration with other small businesses that offer other self-care practices that can be enhanced by using crystals.


I believe small actions can add up to make a big difference. I have made switches like milk in glass bottles from a local supplier, I buy from B Corp organisations that ‘use profit for purpose’. I’m mindful of my own well-being so I can sustain crafting without damage to my hands.

I source from small businesses and make sustainable choices in the materials I use. My crystal grids are made from bamboo which is a sustainable material and will last for years with little more than a quick wipe.

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