Using crystals in your everyday life.

Using crystals in your everyday life.

Crystal hacks for

busy women.

Crystal hacks for

busy women.

About me

I’m Sharon and I help busy women learn how to use crystals for their well-being. We don’t always have the time/energy/money for a full on crystal treatment so I use my 10+ years of experience of working with crystals to help you make those small daily changes so you can still receive the healing benefits.

This could be through a range of methods such as wearing crystal jewellery, using around your home or bringing an extra dimension to your existing self care.

Where I started

As a crafter the obvious choice for me was to start making my own crystal jewellery, my passion for crystals quickly led to more bracelets than I could ever wear. I found I wasn’t the only one who loved crystals so set up my business selling crystal jewellery.

I quickly realised that a lot of us who love crystals sometime struggle to remember which is which, or what they are for. I have over 10 years experience using crystals, including completing various courses, so I started sharing more about what crystals do.

We don’t always wear jewellery or we’d love family members who are a bit sceptical to benefit so I started looking at other ways that we can use crystals. I now focus on how you can use crystals around your home.

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What people are saying…

I highly recommend Sharon, she custom made both pieces to my wrist size and length as I required a longer chain for it to sit in the right place on my neck. Thank you Sharon.

Dani Smith

I received my beautiful bracelet today, rose quartz and tigers eye. I love it! Thank you so much, really appreciate it – and the surprise of a wax bar too just made my day.

Cherry O'Hare

I’m new to crystals and what they can do but Sharon has been fantastic in helping me understand them more and the crystals she sent me are absolutely stunning.

On top of that they were presented beautifully in little pouches, a little lavender crescent and having a print of what they are is helpful as well.

I’m definitely coming back for more and even my mum is interested.

Thank you Sharon! X

Stephanie Picton

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